Easychef Pty Ltd is a Melbourne, Australia based Consolidator, Exporter and Marketer of Australian food products direct to overseas supermarkets and food service distributors.

Easychef was established in 1995 by Maurice Cortada and Ina McCorkell, both passionate food lovers who found their skill for discovering new and innovative food products meant they became highly sought after by Asian Food Importers.

Today, 20 years later, armed with a formidable reputation and a large dedicated supplier base, EasyChef offers their Asian Clients a flexible and reliable one-stop shop for sourcing all their Australian food requirements.

EasyChef Clients

EasyChef's key Clients are considered the largest and most progressive retailers and distributors in their respective markets. 

Close relationships have been nurtured over the years with a wide range of buyers considering Easychef to be the easiest and most affordable means of purchasing unique, diverse and well priced Australian food products.

EasyChef Suppliers

EasyChef's Suppliers know them to be supportive and proactive in managing the supply chain.  Where possible EasyChef simplifies the process of exporting by consolidating Supplier deliveries and splitting them to each of EasyChef's overseas Clients, allowing Suppliers to better focus on producing World Class Products. 

Bi-annually EasyChef conducts Product Range reviews and keeps Suppliers updated on all marketing activities, working hand in hand with Suppliers to increase sales and expand market share for each and every Brand.

Company Philosophy

EasyChef's founders, Maurice Cortada and Ina McCorkell believe in conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. Integrity underscores each and every transaction. 

At the heart of EasyChef's promise is to identify and understand the needs of their Clients and tailor a service that fits their exact requirements.  

The food industry is dynamic, changing constantly. EasyChef's operation is agile and quickly evolves to meet the changing environment. 

Company History

In 1995 the EasyChef's focus was on exporting perishable, high value gourmet and seasonal fruit & vegetables, sourced from the Melbourne wholesale market and delivered direct to Asian importers. 

Later, large Asian retailers approached Easychef to supply high quality gourmet produce and quickly expanded their shipments to include more diverse perishable items and eventually commissioned EasyChef to manage their entire Australian product sourcing requirements.

Marketing Division

In 2004 Easychef established a Retail Marketing Division within the business.  This department coordinates the overseas retail marketing activities for the entire range of products EasyChef manages. 

It also oversees the management of EasyChef's Asian representatives - the people on the ground who are active in-store and who are there to support EasyChef's Clients when they need them.  

In-store products are supported with a schedule of varied marketing and store promotional activities to help increase sales and expand market share.

Easychef helps Asian retailers manage a portfolio of exciting and innovative Australian food products, consistently refining their service to optimise sales and increase profits.