We are experienced in supplying the catering industry – including restaurants, hotels and airline services. 

Range Variety

Australia has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world meaning you can choose from a wide, multi-cultural mix of high-quality foods. Chilled, frozen, ambient, gourmet & every day.

Consistency for Menu Planning

Australia’s tropical northern and cooler southern climates enables us to provide an extensive range of produce all year round. Being in the southern hemisphere, we offer counter-seasonal produce to northern hemisphere produce seasons. 

Quality Food to Suit your Budget

Access to different grades of food to suit all needs and budgets. Guaranteed shelf life and product freshness at affordable prices.

Flexible Quantities

Bulk, portion control and single serve – we cater to your requirements.


Combine shipments where possible to give you increased frequency and freight savings

Transport & Logistics

Evaluate the most efficient and cost effective freight options to your chosen port of arrival – transporting fresh food fast to your doorstep.

Export Documentation

We complete all necessary export documents so you don't have to.