Passion, love and travel inspired two foodies, Ina McCorkell & Maurice Cortada, to create a simple & efficient way to send their favourite, delicious Australian products to the exciting and distinct Asian markets …

Ina had spent a year in Taiwan learning food retail on the ground in the Dairy Farm Wellcome stores. Through this time, she improved her Mandarin and fell in love with the diverse range of cultures and cuisines flourishing on the Asian continent. This experience developed her affinity and knowledge of Asian customs and consumer needs. Maurice had a background in Finance and Marketing and a practical approach to operations and logistics of trade.

Their combined interest and experience led to the development of ‘Easychef’ – a simple, quick and efficient consolidation export business made up of passionate foodies with a can-do attitude. From the early days of waking up at midnight to buy from the fresh fruit & vegetable growers at the wholesale market in Melbourne, Easychef’s supplier base has grown exponentially. Weekly shipments of the freshest fruit & vegetables made Easychef’s services highly sought after by great chefs and retail category buyers, leading to deep, long-lasting relationships with exclusive Asian buyers. As the demand for more high-quality Australian products increased, Easychef expanded to include a diverse and extensive range of products, spanning all FMCG categories.

Over 27 years of business, Easychef has soared. From Tokyo to Jakarta, our footsteps now span over 12 countries. We proudly export over 3,000 skus over 300 brands and constantly reinvent our offer. Our formidable reputation for being authentic, honourable and professional yet vibrant and enthusiastic is helping us to leave a legacy of an effortless, cost-effective and speedy pipeline exporting the most iconic, seasonal, unique and on-trend Australian items direct to Asian retailers.